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There is a higher chance you would go home and talk to your neighbours today, after reading this blog. We live in a world where we talk to people thousand miles away through a social media app, but we don’t even know the name of our neighbours. If you do, you are awesome. If not, it is really important to.

Neighbours are our first relatives. – An Indian Saying.

Why community is important?

It is important to not only know your neighbours but also to occasionally communicate with them. If there is a scenario where you are out of sugar and you have guests arriving at home. You can’t run to the store as you are the only person at home and you don’t want to leave your guests unattended. You will feel a little awkward to ask for a bowl of sugar from your neighbours because you have never talked to them before.

This is why communicating with your neighbours is important. They will be with you not only at the times of celebration but also, when you are need and vice versa. They will try to help you in your emergencies.

There was once such case where one of our neighbour’s mother had fallen off the stairs. And unfortunately, there was no at her home to help up get up and take her to the hospital. Our kind neighbours called her son and while he was on his way, they took her to the hospital.

Communities are essential. And being an active member of a community is more imperative.

How mobile app development helps in bringing the communities closer?

According to Gartner statistics, there will be more than 2.95 billion social network users till 2020.

This statistics implies that people spend more time on their phones getting socialized then in reality. Why not implement the same to bring the communities closer? People are engrossed in their mobile phones browsing the internet or mobile apps. This trend leads us to an increase in demand for mobile app development for communities.

From security to record-keeping, a community management app will make things easier. LetsNurture brings a sorted and customized mobile app development for communities that thrive to be closer and efficient. This not only helps the people to communicate within but also helps in management. Let’s see a brief aspect of areas where the community mobile app can help.

Social Networking – Know your neighbours

The biggest takeaway from a mobile app for communities is that it will make you familiarise with your neighbours. There are lots of people who would be owning the apartments while few will be staying on rent. Few people would not be belonging to the city or state. Socializing with them would help you explore new culture. With features like ‘Request contact’, you will be able to know who are you surrounded with.

Records – Important contact details

You are amidst watching Cricket or Football, the match is at a thrilling point, and suddenly the lights go off. It’s a major heartbreak. But the catch is, the power of only your house is been cut off because of some circuit issue. It is difficult to get an electrician at an urgent basis.

‘Records’ of such service providers will help you get them when required. If you have contact details of such services handy at just one tap of your mobile app, you’re life would be much better.

Events – Invite your neighbours to the party

As important it is to seek and offer help to your neighbours, it is important to invite them to be a part of their celebrations. If they aren’t home, how would you let them know about a party at your place? A mobile app comes savvy in such situation.

A virtual notice board that informs residents of festival celebrations; meetings and other events would be helpful in such scenarios.

It would also be easy to digitally book the community hall for any events.

Resolve – Solve the community issues

Being the chairperson of a community is not an easy job. There are several responsibilities to take care of.  Resolving the maintenance issues is the prominent one.

With community mobile app, you’ll be able to notify the residents about the issues like water shortage, building repairs, etc.

Digital Payments – Pay your maintenance

Digital payments have become a part of routine. Nowadays, people prefer to pay though digital wallets or swipe the debit/credit card. While paying maintenance, swiping the card can’t be an option. But digital payments via payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe can be integrated efficiently with community mobile app.

STAY TUNED .. We are coming.. 🙂

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Ketan Raval
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