Why having own food delivery app is strategically makes more sense for restaurant business ?


There are many Food Delivery platforms flourishing in the world. Zomato , Uber Eats, Skipthedishes , Just Eat & many more. People can order food on mobile application from restaurant & these food delivery platforms deliver food at customer’s door step. Market research indicates there is a need of the delivery platform all across globe. As with a low entry barrier and difficulty in scaling up there is no clear winner. sometime in same city same delivery boy is working for 3 different delivery platforms ( just like same driver working on Uber & Lyft).

Food in nature is diverse. Every person has a different taste. Appetite can be different at different situation. As well as expectation of food can be different at different time from the same person.  Given these some fundamental issues makes perfect sense for restaurants to have its own delivery platform.

  • Aggregators takes commission

Every aggregator takes commission for new orders received. It means loss of revenue to restaurants.For someone who is processing 100+ delivery orders a day this amount can be big.

  • Food Aggregators can not understand entire business model

If you are selling authentic food or organic food then it may need extra care for your customer. Drivers from Food delivery platform may not be able to understand it precisely like what in-house delivery boy can understand.

Also as food being very selective subject it may have various reason of ordering particular food dairy, vegan, gluten free, diabetic food , quick bite, feast , celebration. Understanding context of the order will not be that easy for someone who is not part of the entire business model.

  • Everything under one control

Restaurant can not control the timing , delay & communication with customer when it matters the most versus delivery platform people.  Having control of driver’s helps to create brand image. And it can also  helps to prevent getting it spoiled.

  • Customer Relationship Building

When your own delivery boy visits & delivers you can build a relationship with your customer.  As he will have latest information / situation about kitchen , he may able to take correct judgement call compare to third party delivery platforms.

  • Brand Building & Marketing

Your Uniform , your merchandise , your customer care will help you in branding. 

  • Increasing Digital Asset valuation

When people are using your own website , your own mobile app for food delivery it increases digital asset valuation. IT is imperative to mention that now number of positive reviews, number of visitors, app installs are part of business goodwill.

While there are many advantages of signing up for food delivery platforms for small restaurants. If your business is scaling up and you have multiple locations, your food recipe are unique , you believe your brand needs more personalization , connection with our customers  then Investing on your own technology will give huge return on the investment on longer run.

Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval
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