Finally I got Diagnosed with Lymph Haemangioma Disease

It was the time when I started searching on internet about the problem I have & problem my sister has. The more you search, the more you worry. Because, until it is not diagnosed, you tend to believe on all the search results. And what usually happens is symptoms mentioned for the disease, you tend to have those. And just because of that, you start believing, you too are suffering from the disease mentioned.

My sister was diagnosed and treated well. There was a very good sign of progress in her recovery too. So, now the entire focus of my family shifted to my problem.

Diagnosis of Lymph Haemangioma

We went to a relative who is a surgeon Dr. Dipak Raval, he also gave one week medication and then for another couple of days. I had been taking pills from all the doctors. We thought breathing problem is because of sinus or snoring problem, but it was not improving.

On my second visit, he said there is a clear indication of  tumour in the neck. Okay, so, this was a bomb, constantly ticking on solely me. I had no idea what was coming my next!! They suggested me to get a CT Scan.

The doctor told me to go to Gujarat Imaging but instead, I got the CT scan done at CIMS (because it is very next to my home). This was a very first CT Scan of my life and I had no idea how it works. We got report which said it is a benign but doctor did not know how large it is (not able to precisely printout). Precision is required for performing the surgery on affected area. So Dr. Dipak Raval told us to get the MRI.

Next Day, I went to Gujarat Imaging Center, Navrangpura for MRI with my brother in laws. Here also situation was crazy. I was not able to breath and if person can not lay still MRI procedure can not finish effectively.  Team told me not to swallow or move. And I had clear breathing difficulty which initially was during the night but this time it started during daytime too.

Finally, we finished the dreadful MRI procedure. Right after MRI process few of the team members told us to stay. They told us that other doctors wanted to see me. (This was really scary, because you know this is not a routine. Doctors do not meet right after scanning until it is complex.) We began to wonder and started knocking the door of the doctor. Finally Dr. Mrugesh called us in.

Curious case of Benjamin Button

First of all, the doctor asked me if, in my entire life I had any problem in childhood. They wanted to know how something can go this big like Lymph Haemangioma Disease without noticing. What I felt was that it started hurting before few nights only.  But eventually it was not the case.

Doctor asked my permission to take few more X-Rays for their library as this was not a normal case. But the most important thing he told us that he’ll resign from his position if it is cancer (I  had  been constantly bothering him  saying that a part of my brain keeps telling me it is cancer). And finally, this was third doctor after CIMS & Dipak Raval who said there is nothing to worry about. I was free of worry when they declared it wasn’t cancer. But the problem still persists. There was a big problem lying in the neck.

Finally, it was diagnosed that I have Haemangioma. It was almost 9 CM & almost 16 CM spread. Which cannot be treated simply by any medications. There is no medicine or injection that can prevent it from spreading more. And it was increasing its size day by day, slowly.

Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval
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