Second Opinion, Third opinion on my Disease and Vibrant Gujarat

A Month passed in the diagnosis of the disease I was suffering from, now it was time for second/third opinion. We got a reference in CIMS and Zydus. We immediately went to CIMS.


CIMS Oncology Surgeon Ashok Patel checked my reports for further analysis. It was a long queue. We waited  for three hours at least for our turn. Again, the same surprise for him. It was not the simple case. He told us he’ll talk to few people before he suggests next course of action and gave us an appointment. I was feeling like I am dying, as it was almost 2 weeks that I slept well or had any proper food.


We went to Zydus at the same time to get option about second opinion. This sounds funny, but trust me, it wasn’t. Zydus team said the same thing – one, is very big surgery and second, is a small treatment. But later, it cannot be decided until panel of the doctor analyse the situation.

Dipak Raval

As he was the one who told us to perform an MRI, his direction was right. So, we went to him with the report. He said that he can remove it and has done many bigger operations than mine. But as multiple hospitals started saying ‘no’. We felt that Dr. Dipak’s hospital might be not big enough to handle any further critical situation.

Pratik’s Friend

Pratik had been good friend and was helping always. During this time he was managing Planning and Execution Vibrant Gujarat with Abhishek and all for our company LetsNurture and Startup IoT based Startup KarConnect. Also he took me to another doctor for another opinion. know doctors started putting their tools in my mouth to dig deep in my throat, and these things were so painful that I can’t describe. Every time when the doctor did it. My situation on that night was unbearable.

CIMS Again

As Dr. Ashok instructed, We went to CIMS again. He told us to meet Dr. Anil D’Cruz in Tata Memorial Hospital. His opinion was required to do things without any big surgery. As the situation was complex my voice box is affected and the tumour was pressing few other system too. So, without Dr. Cruz’s opinion, no one would take the case on their hands for easy treatment option.


My friend Pratik had referred me HCG. We went there – same procedure, long wait. Then, Dr. Kaustubh Patel’s assistant assisted me. We had to get some blood reports too.

They called us back, almost at dusk, to meet Dr. Kaustubh. Dr. Kaustubh asked us to meet Dr. Cruz. So, now there was no other option left.

We decided to go to Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai on 13th July ( I remember the date because next day was Uttarayan).

There is a lot more to say about Tata Memorial Hospital which will be found in my next memoir.

Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval
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