Who are you fireworks or moon light?

[I am writing most of posts now from mobile devices so excuse me for length & tastelessness of the format.]

Everyone has a different role to play in life.

We all have diversity in our traits. Knowing your strength is very important.

You often come across didactic moments.

I had that moment while I was shooting these photos.

These fireworks photos has variety of fireworks & a moon which is static ,less visible but subtle.

Few seconds between two fireworks moon was burly playing a role to beautify sky. ( I don’t think anyone was interested to look at moon at that time though )

It was really metaphoric. Fireworks has its role entertaining people (most of the time ) , participating in joyus occasions. Firecrackers are like those flamboyant personalities who are always invited in party for their flamboyance.

Fireworks presence will be noticed.

While moon is like that stoic relations which is going to be there most of the time with you. Someone who would be calming you in onerous occassions. Not only presence but

Moon’s absense ll be felt as well.

Based on your traits you should decide

Who would you like to become 🎆 fireworks or moon 🌒?

Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval
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