Things to take care of while going to Private Homibhabha Gate at Tata Memorial Hospital!

Here’s a list of 18 things to take care of before you take a route of Tata Memorial Hospital:

  1. 7:00 AM is the best time to reach at TMH.
  2. Register yourself ASAP. If already registered, submit your file at appropriate OPD.
  3. You need to have patience because it is time consuming.
  4. There is a cafe on the ground floor where you can have arguably good food.
  5. Washrooms are not in full capacity compared to the rush. The locations of washrooms are not easy to remember. It is better for you come to visit hospitals after your daily rituals.
  6. TMH has a very complex framework. So please do not ask HR/Account related questions to Doctors as they can not help or may be they are not allowed to help.
  7. Nurses are really helpful.
  8. It is entirely a pre-paid system.
  9. Make sure to have your card and file with you in every visit.
  10. OPD Receptionists are a bit tricky to deal with but they have hundreds of people to deal with so they can not be easy going.
  11. Do not play reference card in hospital. They do not accept any reference. They respect everyone but will not compromise on the process or will not be able to give priorities.
  12. There is a General ward available which is completely free of cost. Same doctors, same service.
  13. Train Concessions are there- based on the next appointment date you can get train concession and flight concession too.
  14. Stay neat and clean because hospital works at full capacity and as all kind of patients are visiting, it is always better to stay protected from infections.
  15. Dispensary is in the basement.
  16. Blood Bank is on the ground floor.
  17. PAC ( Pre-Anesthesia check up) is on the ground floor.
  18. Doctors keep changing every three months in OPD or may be every week. It does not mean that the process gets compromised. So, if you are talking to a new doctor just explain everything and they’ll catch up from your history quickly.
Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval
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