TMH Events of my disease – Lympho Haemangioma

I had a great dinner with LetsNurture’s TL where I had couple more soft drinks (It was last TL dinner I had. I have not tried it again after that). The next day I started having difficulty in breathing and speaking.

I presumed it was a usual throat infection and it can be cured by antibiotics ( cefadroxil & Betadine Gargle). But, unfortunately, it did not. At the same time I had my sister suffering from life threatening disease. So the entire family’s attention including mine was on my sister’s condition.

We went to a doctor where he gave three days medications which did not make any difference.

We visited a doctor who performed a surgery on me when I was 10 years old. Unfortunately he could not remember me (which is pretty obvious). I learned a lesson from this; you can not expect people to remember you. I did not complete this doctor’s prescription either which was 5 injections and few medicines.

On my second visit, he suggested a sonography. But there was no clear diagnosis of problem even after a suggested sonography. Situation started to get worse as time passed by. I had started facing problem on swallowing food.

I was not able to sleep more than 15 minutes. I was facing great difficulty in breathing. We had no idea what is happening. The only thing we knew was we had two people at home facing severe medical issue. And we, as a family did not know when, where and how the suffering was going to end.

Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval
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